Our Rates

5.5May 2018
6.8*April 2018
5.6March 2018
3.7February 2018
5.85January 2018
4.38December 2017
3.81November 2017
3.7October 2017
3.55September 2017
3.55August 2017
0.00July 2017
8.000June 2017
8.000May 2017
8.000April 2017
8.000March 2017
8.000February 2017
8.000January 2017
8.000December 2016
8.000November 2016
8.000October 2016
8.000September 2016
8.000August 2016
8.000July 2016
8.000June 2016
8.000May 2016
8.000April 2016
8.000March 2016
8.000February 2016
8.000January 2016
* Niton REA Board approved a monthly RRO rate for the month of April 2018 of 9.5 cents/kWh for all rate classes, in accordance with the Regulated Rate Option Regulation. On April 1, 2018, the Alberta Utilities Commission advised that the reference rate for April 2018 was 9.030 cents/kWh, which is calculated as the average of the RRO rates charged by the four largest Alberta RRO rate providers. Having reviewed the reference rate set by the Commission, Niton REA’s Board has decided to approve a revised monthly rate for April 2018 at an amount equal to the reference rate, which is 9.030 cents/kWh. Revising the monthly RRO rate to equal the reference rate results in a billing rate to the Niton REA members equal to the price cap established by the regulation, which the Niton REA Board considers to be reasonable for April 2018. Accordingly, Niton REA will receive a reimbursement rate of 2.23 cents/kWh in April 1, 2018, calculated as the difference between the reference and monthly RRO rates of 9.030 cents/kWh and the rate cap of 6.8 cents/kWh. Therefore, the billing rate charged by the REA to all rate classes in April 2018 will be 6.80 cents/kWh, which is the monthly rate (revised to be equal to the reference rate) approved by the Lakeland REA Board of 9.030 cents/kWh less the reimbursement rate of 2.23 cents/kWh, which the REA will receive from the Government of Alberta once approved by the Market Surveillance Administrator through the deferral account statement process. In summary, this revision to the monthly RRO rate ensures members do not pay more than 6.8 cents/kWh in April, 2018.