Our Rates

RRO Charge to MembersRRO RateReference RateMonthYear
5.6 March2018
3.7 February2018
5.85 January2018
4.38 December2017
3.81 November2017
3.7 October2017
3.55 September2017
3.55 August2017
0.00 July2017
8.000 June2017
8.000 May2017
8.000 April2017
8.000 March2017
8.000 February2017
8.000 January2017
8.000 December2016
8.000 November2016
8.000 October2016
8.000 September2016
8.000 August2016
8.000 July2016
8.000 June2016
8.000 May2016
8.000 April2016
8.000 March2016
8.000 February2016
8.000 January2016

Terms Defined:

The RRO Charge is the Board approved charge for energy, set in alignment with the RRO Price Cap. This charge ensures that the members will be charged a rate equal to the Regulated Price Cap (6.8 cents/kWh) when the Reference Rate and/or RRO Rate exceed the Price Cap.

The RRO Rate is the rate calculated using the Board approved RRO Price Setting Plan.

The Reference Rate is the average of the AUC residential regulated rate option rates plus 10 per cent.